Casey Norman took a break from his early fall work to join us for a relaxing bear bunt over bait. He enjoyed the fine September weather compared to what he endures on stanup up here in November after monster whitetails. This fine bruin was his reward.

Our boy, Levi's own hunting has often taken a back seat as a result of my guiding duties, so we set out to bait a big bear together just for him. Cindy and I are real proud of him, his patience and diligent practice with his bow paid off with this whopper blackie!

Chad Richeson joined us in a camp with a couple of buddies to try his hand at an archery bear over bait and took this fine boar with one well placed arrow.

Byron knew of Dean Baumann's great desire to take a truly large black bear. This old boar had been eluding our few bear hunters for several years when we invited Dean out to give him a try. This old monster officially scored 21 6/16" B&C

Dean, Andy and Tyler

Todd Amstutz

Dean Baumann