Guide Ken Hallgren (left) is all smiles after leading David Childers to this huge 7’10” B&C bear on a spring spot & stalk hunt in our western guide area.

"F.A." with a nice bear rug headed for North Carolina.

Pennsylvania's Bob Campbell with a double-header on colored bears.

Pat Petiti takes a nice black rug home to Florida during a spring bait hunt.

Eric Kellar, guided by Byron, had trouble seeing bears his first two evenings on stand. He made up for it on day three with this fine double header.

A fine bow shot bagged this blackie on a fall bait hunt, combined with an archery whitetail.

Gene Perry of Montana with the black portion of his spring blear hunt. Gene also took a nice blonde bear.

Dr. Craig Bisceglia with a fine black bear taken while on an evening bait site on a spring hunt.