Byron and friend Dale McKinnon put a couple of days and a lot of miles on this big boy. On day three when ‘Rambo’ arrived the lion helped out by killing a deer and stopping. Bad move if the TNT crew is coming!

Ray Buckner gets a grip on his big second day tom that gave them the slip the day before.

Byron’s high school buddy, Dean Bauman, arrowed this brute after he almost gave them the slip during three days and twenty miles of cross country action. Good cat, great buddy!

Chris Genert was treated to all day action that began in the dark of the morning and culminated with this brute and another good tom bayed up, separately, on the ground, 1000 yards apart!! With five minutes of legal light left in the day, Chris ‘closed the deal’ with an accurate 3 yard shot! Bay ups are wild!.

For those that haven’t seen one, or don’t believe they exist, here’s another 200 pound plus Boone & Crockett lion taken by TNT Outfitting! Ryan Zorn is the lucky hunter on this big guy, guess what – another bay up!

Kelly Klassen does it a second time! 208 pounds of mountain fury – short ears, but a record book skull, the mount looks awesome!

End of an era. Old Shamrock’s 250th lion, and Duke’s 197th. WOW! Dale McKinnon holds ‘Shammie’ and Byron has ‘hard core’ Duke. TNT hounds descend from these great old cat dogs.

Peter Wolf (center) has Troy Perry’s great old cat dogs – Babe and Spade – along with Byron’s pair – Duke and Shamrock – to thank for this first day pumpkin headed tom. Troy is a hell of a houndsman.

Ex-football player and human giant, our good friend Matt Muns of Texas took this hard running cat on his first day in Alberta! Byron and the TNT crew were ‘on’ this old tom for two days prior to Matt’s arrival, 20 plus miles of hard walking in poor snow conditions!

Fellow Alberta deer outfitter Ron McDonald struggles to lift his 200 lb plus cat. “Hey Ron, your holding a better deer hunter than you are – he eats 1 to 2 a week year round, 10 plus years – a lot of deer!"