Jim had some snow and some luck on this season opener. The boys at TNT had pre-scouted this cat during deer season and it had hung around. Big Mistake!

Pro guide, Danny Adair, gives our buddy Doug Cobbet’s mammoth 15 14/16 B&C tom a hoist. These 200 plus pounders take two guides to lift them, the hunter grabs hold (if they can) –then the guides jump back quick and snap a quick photo or two!

Famous British Columbia guide Herb Leake struggles to lift 196 lbs of Boone & Crockett cat. Five long days of pursuit to close in on this big guy.

Byron’s buddy, Donny Roberts, with his own special tom. Donny’s come on a lot of cat chases and is always fun to be around.

Robert Garcia and his father came from New Mexico for an Alberta version of cougar hunting. This 15 6/16 B&C brute refused to ’tree’, baying up repeatedly all day pounding some great dogs, before Robert and Byron, on video, waded into ‘the thick of things’ and ended this deal at two yards! $1000.00 worth of vet bills from this nasty bugger, TNT hounds will not back off!

The Long Walker. 74 miles (by GPS) and 10 days of relentless pursuit culminated with fellow Alberta outfitter Chad ‘Savage’ Lenz putting this monster B&C cat way up in the Pope & Young record books after a fine bow shot. Perseverance pays off!

Oregon’s Alfredo Julian, owner of Trophy Photos. Com arrowed this huge 15 4/16 tom on his third day of lion hunting in our western mountains.

Dr. Trevor Phillupchuk is all smiles hoisting his B&C Tom destined to make a striking lifesized mount for his trophy room. Trevor hunted hard to get this great old lion. Booker, Byron’s famous old lion hound, was on his last good run during this 3 day race over 22 miles. His descendants now carry on here at TNT.

“Old Nasty Cat”. This cat never would tree and the crew at TNT bayed him up on the ground twice before Byron’s friend Dale McKinnon put an end to it! It requires a ‘Cool headed’ hunter to take these big lions bayed up on the ground without getting dogs hurt (they can’t be tied back). Dale is the right kind of hunter.