Mark Holman and Byron, along with TNT hounds (owned by both Byron and Larry Holman) worked hard for two days to catch up to this nice tom, which Larry took with his bow.

Troy Perry worked hard to stay with the action as camera man on this great 3 day chase. In the end, his great old dogs, along with Byron’s, put this nice ‘tom’ up a tree near a calf elk kill and Paddy had the honors on this one.

“Open your eyes Bob, it’s not a dream!” Resident hunter Bob Voth takes this giant tom after 20 years of wanting a mountain lion. He enjoyed it so much he (a very capable / well known guide) will be on the TNT crew assisting with guide duties in the future.

Lee Gamblin got ‘the call’ from Byron and the TNT crew stating they had found a big toms’ track. Leaving his oil rig job and driving all night was met with heartache at daylight as the big lion walked across a gravel road – and out of legal hunting territory 200 yards behind our trucks! Undeterred, the TNT crew picked up stakes, moved 20 miles, located this big guy and treed him all in the same day! Dedicated hunter, relentless guides.

A couple young ‘runners’ flank Dale McKinnon and Byron along with the real workers on these cougar hunts. Good guides, great hounds, awesome lion.

Alberta resident Kelly Klassen with the first of two great lions he has taken with TNT. Great lion, great guy!