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Had another great cougar hunt with Tracks N Trails last December. It took six days full of hard work and fun, and we were rewarded with a great tom on our last day. After two days of working tracks in inaccessible country and then three days on the tracks of a longwalker, we got hit with 12 hours of snow. On the -20 C dawn of the sixth day, we found the tracks of a ‘Tom’ lion that had crossed a creek a few hours earlier. By 2:00, Penny and Pepper had him in the first tree. Thanks to Byron, Leo, Cindy and Danny for their commitment to the hunt - David Childers, Jacksonville Florida

David Childers
Jacksonville, Florida

After my initial conversation with Byron at Tracks N Trails Outfitting, I felt better than I ever did about booking with an outfitter in my 14 years coming to Canada. Byron makes you feel like a friend and was happy to discuss any questions that you had and wasn't afraid to share information. After getting picked up at the airport, the ride to camp was enjoyable. At camp I met Byron and his whole staff and couldn't have been welcomed any better. It was a family atmosphere from the beginning. As time went on, it was clear that Byron and everybody that surrounds him takes great pride in what he's doing and what they do for him. This is the most game-rich area that I've been in. It didn't matter where we went, what time we went, we always saw game. It was very evident that there were a lot of deer, moose, etc. that called this zone home. For an experience that will be etched into your hunting chronicles, Tracks N Trails Outfitting is a chapter that you won't want to leave out. The professionalism and friendliness will bring you back.

Brian Stammer
Green Bay Wisconsin

Hunting with the crew at Tracks N Trails Outfitting was an unforgettable experience. Byron is a master of his craft, and the guides were friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Byron's equipment and hounds are first-class all the way. Thanks to the dedication and persistence of Byron and his guides, I was able to harvest a large Boone and Crockett cougar. If you like hunting with good people that will go that extra-mile to ensure you have an enjoyable experience, then hunting with Tracks N Trails Outfitting is for you. I had the pleasure of hunting cougar with Byron, and the rest of the TNT crew again in December of 2006 and all I can say is the hunting just keeps getting better. I took another giant tom on the third day of the hunt. In two cougar hunts with TNT, I have taken two B&C cougars. Byron knows these animals inside and out, and his guides are 'die-hard' hunters as well; they want you to get your trophy just as bad as you do. The pack of hounds Byron runs is unbelievable, and they get the job done. Thank you again TNT

Robert Garcia
Santa Fe, New Mexico

If someone were to ask me about TNT Outfitting, here's what I'd tell them:

Alberta's Foothills and Mountain regions are a must for big-game hunters. The terrain is awesome and trophy-class animals can be found. TNT Outfitting is led by one of the best hunters and houndsmen in the province, Byron Stewart, who operates in these regions.
On a lion hunt in February a couple of years ago we spent the first two days passing on smaller tracks in good snow. We then spent the next three days on the spoor of a monster cat who remained two days ahead of us. All the while the weather warmed, the wind picked-up and we were losing our snow. But it was a hell of a set of tracks, definitely a huge lion and the right choice to settle for nothing less (like the six-hour old smokin' hot tracks of a smaller cat). From well-before sunup through dark for three days we tracked that lion across ridge-lines, through saddles, over ridges, across open and timbered slopes, through grazing leases and heavily-timbered creek-bottoms. We eventually lost our snow but that lion is now a couple of years older and will most likely visit the same range again in winter.
With two days before I needed to get home we picked up the tracks of two lions traveling together. We got lucky finding them in some remaining snow on both sides of a creek in deep timber. Twenty-four hours later hounds Penny and Lincoln and us found the cats on a kill. We ended up treeing both and taking one that day on completely dry ground. The pictures of the cats in the trees with absolutely no snow are awesome.
It's great to know an outfitter who stays focused not only on the hunt, but the fun. On every hunt with Byron and guides Kenny Hallgren, Mitch Reimer, Justin Harris and Rod Stephanson I've experienced a 100% commitment to the hunt and the fun.

David Childers
Jacksonville, Florida

I came to Canada to make a memory hunting a trophy deer and hanging out with some good friends. Tracks N Trails provided outstanding facilities, great food, a trophy deer, and a memory I'll never forget with my friends. Thanks Byron for your hard work and outstanding guidesmanship.

Bill Howard
Nashville, Tennessee

Since 1995 I’ve hunted with Tracks N Trails Outfitting. Whether hunting bear, moose, mule deer or those gigantic whitetails when I’m hunting Alberta, Canada, it’s with Tracks N Trails. The hunting area is outstanding, the lodge spacious and comfortable with excellent meals and super guides that work hard to get you your animals. Outfitter Byron Stewart will treat you to an outdoor experience of a lifetime!

Patrick Marty
Prescott Valley, Arizona