Whitetail Deer

Successive mild winters and select logging have created an abundance of older age class trophy deer in our guide areas. By hunting the fringe territory where farm land meets the ‘big bush’ of West Central Alberta, TNT has been able to sustain better than 80% success rate. Great guides and diligent year round scouting will ensure that this trend continues. Our massive racked whitetails “average” 140 – 170 B&C, with many being larger. A world class whitetail hunt on its own or in combination with our areas’ many other available species promises a first class experience.

Mountain Lion

Many years of wise management and strictly regulated hunting has resulted in Alberta being the premier location in North America for large Boone & Crockett quality ‘toms’. Our lions are second to none and TNT’s proven track record for producing, even under adverse conditions, has become well known.
Well bred and trained hounds, along with the hardest working and best equipped crew in the business ensures you a great hound hunting experience while in pursuit of one of North America’s most elusive trophies.

Moose , Mule Deer and Elk

As an add on to our successful Whitetail hunts, or as a hunt unto themselves, our moose, mule deer and elk offer variety for your Big Game Adventure. With moose and mule deer being on a limited ‘draw’ for resident hunters, both the numbers and trophy quality of each improve yearly.

Wolves & Coyotes

These canine predators are a fun addition to all of our other hunts or can be the focus of a mid-winter adventure on their own. A prime winter coyote pelt is an attractive addition to any trophy room. The ultimate canine, our huge wolves - like our bears – come in a variety of colors and are a rare and exotic hunting prize. We encourage all of our hunters to purchase a wolf/coyote tag and help out our deer and moose populations by setting their sights on these furry critters.

Black Bears

“Black” is not the best description of our bears as they occur in a vast array of colors such as blonde, brown, red, cinnamon and everything in between. As well, TNT can arrange for several exciting options regarding hunting techniques, areas and times of year.
Choices include spring or fall hunts over great pre-baited stands accessible from our comfortable main lodge. These hunts offer super opportunities for both rifle and bow hunters, with the fall hunt having the added bonus of being able to wing shoot our abundant flights of geese, ducks and grouse. These morning stubble field shoots can be a real ‘heart stopper’ as flights of big ‘Canadas’ and ducks converge on well set decoy spreads.
TNT has secured all the rifle allocations in an exclusive western area that does not allow baiting because of grizzly’s being present. Combine this area’s fine spring weather and abundant big bears make it an exciting and productive ‘spot & stalk’, available from our main lodge or in a remote cabin/tent camp. A trip in a jet boat to the Brazeau Reservoir can yield some fine pike fishing this time of year as well.
All of these bear hunts occur in designated two bear areas, so the opportunity exists to take home an array of color and an experience to last a lifetime.