Byron's Texan buddy Matt Muns wanted a moose as an add-on to his whitetail hunt. Guide Kenny Hallgren spotted this bull and the hunt was on.

Mike Sigmon's young bull provided a tasty crate of meat to be shipped to his home, along with a magnum sized whitetail rack from his November hunt.

Jerry Allen (right), guided by Justin Harris, adds a moose to his whitetail combo hunt.

Frank Metford made good on the shooting of this whopper bull that guides Dan Adair and Larry Holman ganged up on. Larry's final footwork put the bull within range of Frank's gun and Dan had his hunter ready when the big bull finally showed.

New Yorker Rob Hoskins and guide Mitch Reimer with a nice last day ‘meat moose’ to go with Rob’s 9 point whitetail on a November combo hunt.

Connecticut hunter Sal Privitera with the moose portion of his Alberta “trifecta”, he also harvested a nice mulie and a great whitetail on his combo hunt.

Frank Ball with a good moose pushed out by Tim Karach and Byron. Frank made a great running shot as the bull crossed an open pipeline at 200 yards.

Oregon’s John Patterson drove home a truck load of tasty moose meat off this young bull on his November combo hunt.

Ohio's Don Eastman got to experience an all afternoon chase on this tasty young bull as Byron provided the fancy footwork and guide Kenny Halgren kept placing Don in position to make the shot. It took a while but the TNT boys got it done and had fun doing it.

Bullet proof moose? Six shots, yes six, were soaked up by this little droptine bull. Florida’s Bruce Grant was the gunslinger on this one.