Eric Sullenger finishes out his mulie /whitetail combo hunt with this fine buck. Guide credits go to Justin Harris but pre-scouting honors go to guess who, our fine cook (and Justin's mom) Tara Harris, who saw this buck tending does each day while traveling from our lodge to town for fresh groceries!!

Texan Tommy Witt with a decent mulie buck that surprised him and Byron at first light as they stalked down a big power line right of way in search of big whitetails!

Joe Olliver made a 500 yard shot from a tripod to anchor this add-on mulie. Joe later took a great whitetail buck from the same tripod, another super longshot; I guess I should move his stand closer!

Brian Jetter adds a nice mulie to his whitetail combo hunt. He and his father Merv both "doubled down" on nice whitetails and mulies on this November hunt.

Guide Ken Hallgren found this great bush mulie and stuck on him until he could get Merv Jetter a shot at the 180+ buck.

Guide Dwayne Huggins holds onto another tall-tined bush buck he pushed out to waiting hunter, Arthur Fritz.