The first morning of Brian Stammer’s Alberta hunt started from a well placed heated box blind.  Brian passed on two good shooter bucks, but couldn’t let the 3rd go, as like he said, “I don’t have a 7 X 7!”.  This multi-tined buck grosses in the low 180’s, a great bush deer.

Don Bickford was waiting patiently in a heated box blind when his guide roared up and scooped him out, as a big buck had been spotted and the chase was about to be on.  Dan and Byron took turns running this great buck and Dan’s footwork finally put the buck in front of Don’s gun as Larry placed the hunter in just the right position to block its escape. Chasing one of these big bucks on foot is one of the most exciting ways to hunt one and Don’s 177” monster was no exception. 

Manning one of our favourite farm country blinds, Lamont Gotshall added this heavy 4 X 4 buck to the long list that have been taken from this stand over the years. 

“Come move me to another stand, there’s no deer here” chimed my buddy Matt Muns over the phone to his guide Dan.  Just goes to show that it only takes a minute.  In the short time it took for Dan to make his way to Matt’s blind, this big buck arrived on the scene.

Jim McCreedy joined us once again and unlike his previous hunts plagued with fair weather, this trip found Jim bundling up to ward off the cold and this handsome 9 point was the result.  Jim has never failed to take a quality buck with and always adds to the camp atmosphere.

This great old buck had given Byron’s hunters the slip for a couple seasons.  Once standing on a bush road right in front of our truck on the way out with two tagged out hunters.  Their eyes were popping, but not half as much as when this monster strolled up within 15 yards of Casey Norman on his first hunt with us while perched in a tripod stand.  It took a while, but diligent scouting and tenaciously sticking to a game plan finally put this 170+ buck in the bag.

With 13 points and a spread as wide as the grin on Rich Gotshall’s face, this is one great buck.  Believe it or not it’s the 3rd biggest Rich had a crack at while on his week long hunt with us here at TNT as Dan showed him a monster book 6 X 6 and Dan and Byron were actually chasing another huge deer to Rich when this big guy showed up unannounced from the opposite direction of the deer drive!

This broken horned buck prowled onto the scene just at dusk as Don Hurst Jr. sat perched in a heated tripod stand overlooking a grown over clear cut.  This aged warrior was Don’s first whitetail and by tooth age, was actually our oldest buck of the season.  No small feat when three of those bucks scored 170, 177 and 183, but were all far younger.  Don’s dad, Don Sr. also took a young bull moose during their father/son holiday hunt.