Big brow tine buck best describes Brian Park’s November trophy buck with its dramatic 10 ½” eye guards.  Brian has also joined us for a mid-winter mountain lion hunt and is always a pleasure to have in camp.

Texan Matt Muns is used to more deer action than our stands typically provide.  For the second time in a row he has made the cell phone call that his stand is fairly dead of action and would like to try a move.  For the second time in a row, before his guide could arrive to pick him up to move locations, a big buck has charged onto the scene.  Nice shot Matt, keep calling buddy maybe that’s what is bringing you these big bucks.

This big 11 point buck is the second consecutive mature deer over the 170” mark that Casey Norman has put on the ground.  Through diligently sitting on big buck sign and not giving up, Casey has been able to harvest another great deer with us.

On a rare day off, and with no hunters left to guide, Dan Adair was able to take a workman’s holiday and take this massive buck.  Dan has helped send many trophy animals of various species home with his clients over the years and well deserves to add one to his own growing collection.

All day action in a well placed box blind located in private farm land led to Jim Parker taking this wide 4 X 4 buck.  Jim said multiple bucks were chasing hot does around him all morning and he finally snapped and had to take this one. 

Mike Sigmon hunted hard from tripod stands set out by his guide, Larry Holman, who had pre-scouted the area thoroughly and this dandy 13 point was the result.  Larry’s year round scouting pays dividends for his hunters each year.

Pat Marty once again joined us for a November whitetail hunt, hoping to catch one of these big rut-crazed bucks on the prowl.  He and guide Larry Holman did just that with this fine high tined 10 pointer.

Who says bush deer that have never seen an agricultural field can’t grow the bone.  Our deer have the feed and the genetics and with age this is what the big bush can produce.