Frank Lobbestahl gives us a good ‘ rear view’ of one of his many 160+ bucks taken with TNT. Byron considers Frank the most dedicated stand hunter he has ever guided. Hard Core Frank!

Repeat hunter David Wiles took this big ‘fringe country’ buck home to Florida, nice buck.

Brian Anderson with a buck we nicknamed ‘Batman’. A quick shot from a tripod as ‘Batman’ chased a doe finally allowed all that knew him a close up view.

Repeat hunter Joe Oliver (left) and first timer Russ Smith (right) both connect on heavy racked deer this day. Good hunters make a guide's job a pleasure.

Byron and guide Larry Holman gave this old buck a foot race until he was wore out. Florida’s Bruce Grant took advantage of Larry’s scouting and put this old droptine buck down with a close range shot. This deer completed a hat trick: moose, mule and whitetail (all with droptines) in one trip!

Frank Lobbestahl gives us another ‘rear view’ of a great 4 X 5 buck that gross scores 166 B&C. This buck is featured in a Big Buck Magazine article authored by Frank’s hunting partner Pat Marty.

Jerry Allen, avid Ohio deer slayer, finally made the ‘trip of a lifetime’ to Alberta. This good buck, his best ever, was the result of Jerry and guide Ken Hallgren’s hard work.

Russ Smith had only two days available to hunt and guide Randy VanKommer made short work of it by producing this massive, symmetrical 4 X 4 on the first morning of Russ’ hunt.