"North American Whitetail" Magazine owner David Morris pictured with a massive 170+ B&C Alberta buck. This great old “bush” deer has an amazing 13” circumference on his right side. David and Byron caught this big old buck flat footed at last light crossing some open country and David’s solid shooting put him down.

Brian Anderson of Ohio with a nice Pope & Young bow kill on a late October bowhunt. He also took a mule deer and missed a nice bull moose on this archery combo hunt.

Ken Revicki, guided by Mitch Reimer, was able to take this nice buck and a monster black wolf on a late November deer hunt.

Bill Howard traveled from Nashville to try to outsmart a big whitetail. Kenny, Danny and Byron moved a box blind on a ‘hunch’ and Bill’s first sit in this stand produced this high scoring buck on the fourth day of Bill’s trip.

A three hour, one man deer drive by Byron and proper hunter placement by guide Danny Adair resulted in Pat Marty being in the right place, almost. It took a 400+ yard shot to anchor this 170+ brute.

74 year young Don Richards showed the kids all how it’s done by putting this great 10 point down at noon of his first day. Nice shot Don!

Repeat hunter Joe Oliver finally gets his dream buck on a snowy November morning. A one man deer drive by guide Byron Stewart and accurate shooting by Joe help send this buck home to South Carolina.

Texan Bill Bray makes the classic "Texas heart shot" to down his first Alberta buck! Nice shot Bill!