Quick shooting put this little black wolf on the ground late in the day while looking for lion tracks.

Ron Fredrickson, of Idaho, with a "double header" on coyotes taken on a January predator hunt. Coyotes, like wolves, respond well to bait!

Dustin Myers of Idaho with an old lone male wolf taken in January on a cat hunt.

Byron gets in on the action and adds an old blue color phase wolf to his collection. These big guys eat moose and deer and can be hard on our hounds during lion season, so we’re glad to see them in the skinning shed.

Rick Pearson took this black wolf and two black bears with a muzzle loader on a fall baited hunt. Byron was able to video Rick taking this late September trophy.

Ken Revicki with a monster black wolf taken on a November deer hunt. These big canines can also be hunted over bait and “called in” all winter long on a dedicated predator hunt. Fun stuff!